The city of Östersund

Here are some pictures...
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Views of Storsjön


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First I take the bus into town (the buses can be used almost all the time to go around town, 9 kronor per ride for a kid)

This is at the bus torg (square, area), the bus place, where I do not live.

You can see, just barely, the Norwegian mountains in the distance over that white striped building.

The big church.

The library, with the Rådhus in the background, and my school just past the Rådhus, you cannot see it.

My school. (All indoors)

The main city store-street (only walking allowed, and special(post) cars)

The mall area, two warehouses sitting against each other. One sells everything but groceries, the other sells everything.

Inside the Kärnan, the mall thing that lacks groceries but has a good bookstore.

Strange things....

The hospital, more odd stuff.