Catrike and PBW

Catrikes are made in the USA, in Florida.  They are some of the lightest-weight trikes available today.  They are also some of the least costly.  Catrike has been in business for about five years, I believe, and I think they are now the largest trike manufacturer in the world?  Their popularity comes from offering a quality product at a good price.

Paulo hoding Pocket frame
There are some interesting photos from a factory tour at this site:

Peregrine Bicycle Works (PBW) in Chico, CA specializes in tricycles.  The owner, Hugh Kern, has a lot of experience with tricycles, and knows all the tricks to get things working smoothly.  My experience with Hugh was great.  He did quality work, and acted with integrity.

Hugh has inventory!

When I decided that I wanted to try a Catrike, they were a rare commodity.  Manufacturing had been shut down in the fall of 2005, in order to re-vamp the production line.  Trikes were back-ordered, and none were coming off the line.  Hugh was apologetic that he didn't have any in stock.  But he set me up to meet two of his customers who had bought Catrikes.  One let me ride a Speed and a Road, and the other let me ride a Pocket.  The day I rode the Pocket, I ordered one for myself.

Hugh's experience with trikes was evident when he was making the final adjustments to fit the trike to me.  In addition to installing the accessories mentioned above, Hugh also performed the following services:

Fender installation
- When I arrived to pick up the trike, the fenders were not installed yet.  There was a very slight problem, the way the supports needed to be bent to fit the trike caused some of the paint to crack and peel (on the fender support), and Hugh wanted to make sure I was OK with this before he completed the installation.  (I was actually quite pleased to have an excuse to apply some yellow paint.)

Other work that was done at pickup time:
Chain installation - after boom length adjustment with me in the seat.  Hugh made sure that there was enough chain for the large chainring / large cog combination (to prevent damage to the derailleur or the frame). 
Wheel alignment (which Hugh wanted to perform with me sitting on the trike).
Mirror installation - finding the location that worked best for me.
And, oh yes - Hugh fashioned a lightweight flag mount on the rear rack, using only a single zip-tie.  :-)

Hugh on the test ride
Hugh giving my Pocket a test-ride