Catrike Pocket #266
Stagecoach and tricycle


  I commute 9 miles to work.  I do it on the trike at least twice a week.  Other times I drive.  I like the feeling of being oil-independent, though, when I'm on the trike.  My commute is rather hilly.

Coyote Street rest
Coyote Street overlook.

Health & Safety

Stagecoach, Beer wagon and tricycle
Tradition of yellow

  I am visible yellow.  I have a bright headlight (32 watts of halogen) and high-intensity LED taillight, which both run off of the water-bottle style battery mounted under the seat.
  The exercise that I get on the Pocket is highly aerobic.  With the low gear range of the Pocket (thanks to small wheels coupled with standard drivetrain components), I can take the big hills without my leg muscles going anaerobic..

Riding technique and ergonomics

Along the commute

  Riding this thing is a joy.  It seems effortless at times, yet, at the same time, exhilerating.  It is odd to be so mentally relaxed and to feel an adrenaline rush at the same time.  I suspect that it is a feeling you can only get on a trike.


Catrike Pocket - serial number 266.  (The serial number is on a sticker under the bottom of the frame.)  Shipped from the factory in Florida around the second week of November, '05. (Apparently the '06 Pockets are going to have adjustable handlebars and a 20" back wheel, so let's call this a late '05 model.)  It's got mostly SRAM and Full Speed Ahead (FSA) components, with a few others in the mix.

When I bought the trike at Peregrine Bicycle Works in Chico, CA, I had several accessories installed by Hugh, the shop owner.
I have also added some more accessories on my own.  The most interesting addition is the Windwrap XT fairing.

Catrike and PBW

Shopping for a trike
  I thought that I wanted a Short Wheelbase (SWB) recumbent bicycle, with under-seat steering.  I researched, mostly reading the message board at bentrideronline.  I found that most recumbent bicycles now made have above-seat steering.  However, I noticed that tricycles used under-seat steering.  (Well, actually, the 'direct steering' of the Catrike is neither above nor below the seat, but rather beside it... though there is a tie-rod under the seat.)
  The first time I got on a recumbent was at a local shop:  they had a SWB bike with above-seat steering, and a tadpole trike.  The SWB was okay, but the trike was just too much fun.  I knew I had to get one.
  I started researching which trike to buy.  Catrike is popular, well-made, light weight, and relatively low cost.  Catrikes are made in the USA, in Florida.  They are some of the lightest-weight trikes available today.  They are also some of the least costly.
  I found that there was a 'Gold' level dealer in Chico, and got in touch with them (Peregrine Bicycle Works).  PBW specializes in tricycles.  The owner, Hugh Kern, has a lot of experience with tricycles, and knows all the tricks to get things working smoothly.

Hugh on the test ride
Hugh giving my Pocket a test-ride