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As you probably already know because you came to this site, I am in a foreign exchange program to Sweden.
I left on August 30 after much preparation with the Swedish language, and now I will be staying here until the end of June.

It turned out to be a lot harder with the language than I expected, but I am doing well.
I am even taking other foreign language courses here,and though that sounds difficult, it is actually very helpful because Spanish has many expressions which are more like English than Swedish; it helps in learning Swedish to work with it from two angles.

I have been having fun here in Sweden, learning about the Swedish culture that lies under the outside appearance. (Sweden is an industrialized country just like the United States, and many things are apparently the same. That means there are cars, supermarkets (both the same), computers, the same movies mostly even though they are about two months late.) Even though so much is the same, it is also somehow really different.

Take for example the food. Though it is generally the same, there are differences in their eating habits. They seem to eat many more 'whole' foods, and more wholesome meals throughout the day. We recieve a lunch at school which could pass for a normal dinner in the U.S. And there are many, kids mostly, people who drink milk with their food.

Another thing is their cleanliness. It is quite clean; my host-father, Sven-Martin , cleans pretty much whenever there is something to be cleaned. We often just lay our lunch or snack open sandwiches on the table; it is just about as clean as the plates.

Where is Östersund?
Or where is Sweden, even?
Go to the Swedish version of the below site for a cool zoom-in. Östersund is on the right side of the big lake.
Or, if you are just interested in the big lake animal (monster)

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