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Summer, summer, rain. Summer. Weather changes fast.
Caught fish!

Hey everyone! Thank you! For any support inspiration, encouragement, reassuring, donating, or anything else you have given me.
That is what this site is, a way to say 'tack' and to somehow give back.


Day trip to Tännforsen

Östersund in Winter
Inspired by Rosa's cool page (check it out through my Dad's page!) I am adding a little something for now...
Ice fishing

If you are interested in the big lake animal (monster)
If you don't know where Östersund, or even Sweden, is, go to the more introductory/informative start-site The site
And now, some pictures that I took!
Berry Picking on the first saturday, my second day.
Hunting for moose.
A day around town.
Sometime, all this will find a pattern and be organized.
At home in Sweden.
April 9, 6C windy snow maybe little rain also. Slush.

April 2, halve meter snow and sunny, 0 c
It was as deep a winter as I have ever experienced in a city, with three four inches of snow and the road nothing but ice, but suddenly there is no snow, it is really warm (10-11 celcius, you don't need a hat or gloves. Nice weather.)
Weather update 25 November. 1 to -1 celcius, two inches of snow, roads are ice. Cloudy. Sunrise at 8.45, sunset at 14.50
February! -5 to -10 celcius, sunny mostly, bright outside. Cold, but the sun warms.

The view of Frösön, the island, from Arctura, the water tower. Wham-o or some other exclamation. I still don't know how I eventually got that image up. I didn't take it, by the way.

And arctura itself, with the lights lit up. Pretty nice.

The Rådhus, council house, nextdoor to the school, the school is on the left, in Östersund.

I am writing this from my own html, learned or helped remember from what I have seen of it in Dad's page. And that means that everything goes wrong. I just had a problem with that arctura thing because I was missing a quotation mark.
I am trying to keep all the pictures easily loadable and things like that. If you have some questions or suggestions about anything on the page or about my trip my email is
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